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Interview in Mozart!-Edition of Crescendo Magazine | October 2017

Wiesbadener Kurier, Dietrich Stern | JANUARY 2017

«Nun, mit 25, zeigt der junge Petersburger Cellist eine bemerkenswerte Reife, sowohl im Spiel wie auch in der Haltung zur Musik»

Chicago Tribune, John von Rhein | AUGUST 2016

«The young Russian cellist Alexey Stadler scored a triumph of his own as last-minute substitute for the indisposed Truls Mork in the Shostakovich concerto», Ben Hogwood | AUGUST 2016

«....Stadler rightly stole the show, adjusting to the acoustics of the Royal Albert Hall with commendable ease. His beautiful tone brought both pain and hope to the solo part in equal measure, and led to a gorgeous encore in the form of the Sarabande from Bach’s Solo Cello Suite no.2»

Classical Source, Colin Anderson | AUGUST 2016

«However, the laurels go to Alexey Stadler, and not because he was the eleventh-hour replacement for Truls Mørk. Stadler was marvellous in Shostakovich in which the cellist’s technique, tone and musicianship were in total accord with the sentiments of the score»

«Stadler too had given an encore, the ‘Sarabande’ from J. S. Bach’s D-minor Suite (BWV1008); quite sublime, the Royal Albert Hall shrinking to Wigmore Hall size when something special is occurring»

Liverpool Echo, Catherine Jones | AUGUST 2016

«Whipping his bow across the strings with a flourish and a toss of his head, he was completely in command of the piece... The cadenza in particular was masterfully done, although he also generated a lovely smooth sinuous tone in the moderato», Mark Thomas | AUGUST 2016

«Full marks to this young cellist for stepping up to the plate so admirably...»

The Guardian, George Hall | AUGUST 2016

«....Stadler's performance gained an ever-increasing sense of inwardness that seemed to go to the very heart of the piece»

The Times, Geoff Brown | AUGUST 2016

«Another rising star shone in Shostakovich's Cello Concerto No 1. Rushed in as a last-minute replacement for Truls Mork, the 25-year old Alexey Stadler played with firm control and the kind of tactile, honeyed tone capable of bringing listeners to the knees»

SF Classical Music Examiner, Stephen Smoliar | JUNE 2016

«Alexey Stadler gives an engaging account of Shostakovich's first cello concerto»

«All the good spirits of this music had no trouble percolating over to audience side, meaning that Stadler's first appearence with SFS was warmly received»

«Stadler demonstrated impressively that he could be respectfully humble in his appreciation for Bach while being highly expressive at the same time»

San Francisco Chronicle, Joshua Kosman | JUNE 2016

«...Stadler’s rendition of the slow music hit with the force of a revelation. His playing boasts a combination of coffee-colored string tone and lithe flexibility, and he gave the music an emotional ambiguity that was compelling»

«Stadler brought out all these inner tensions with a sense of purpose that was all the more telling for the subtlety with which he showed his hand. The luminous sheen of the music was as unmistakable as the gnawing sense — which only came to fruition over the long and impeccably plotted arc of the cadenza that followed — that there was something troubling below the surface»

The Amati Magazine, Peter Quantrill | DECEMBER 2015

«Alexey Stadler is impressive and impeccable»

Tagesspiegel | AUGUST 2015

«Berückend, wie er spielt»

Thüringische Landeszeitung | AUGUST 2015

«... das 1. Cellokonzert von Dmitri Schostakowitsch wurde unter seinen Händen zu einem tiefschürfenden Erlebnis. Wer macht ihm das nach, noch dazu in solch jungen Jahren?»

Westfalen Blatt | JUNE 2015

«Alexey Stadler und Tamara Stefanovich rüttelten das Publikum mit ihrer eindringlichen Interpretation der Sonate fuer Cello und Klavier von Alfred Schnittke auf»

Heidenheimer Zeitung | MARCH 2015

«Ein Solist, den man sich fuer einen ganzen Abend wünschte»


«Alexey Stadler spielte die Rokoko-Variationen von Peter Ilyich Tschaikowski angemessen leicht und dezent, bevorzugte eine fein und konturiert ausgetupfte Tongebung gegenüber salonschwül überbundener Melodik, nahm mühelos die Flageolett-Spitzen und gestaltete überhaupt technisch makellos»

Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung | DECEMBER 2014

«Der Cello-Solist Alexey Stadler traf nämlich so übereinstimmend mit dem Orchester in unprätentiösem, leichtem Vortrag den spielerisch-eleganten Charakter des konzertanten Werks genau, klassizistisch, ohne Schwelgerei»

The Guardian | DECEMBER 2014

«... his generally restrained reading had an unusually clear trajectory which was cumulatively very convincing and expressively played, with a fine range of tone»

Classical Source | DECEMBER 2014

«There was no hint in Stadler's account, which combined soul and technique in perfect equilibrium...»

Rhein-Neckar Zeitung | MARCH 2014

«... Nachwuchsmusiker, der schon bald zu den renommiertesten Vertretern seiner Zunft zählen dürfte»

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